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Mountains, lakes, parks and adventure canall be found in the mesmerizing province of Alberta. Beyond oil country andworld-class ski trips, Alberta has grown to be a popular summer destination. Ifyou’re seeking a trip that blends city charm with outdoor activities, Albertais the place for you.

Transport yourself back in time, about 75million years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the planet. Visit UNESCO World HeritageSite, Dinosaur Provincial Park. Over 150 full dinosaur skeletons have beendiscovered here. Enjoy a Fossil Safari Tour or a Hike and learn more about thisprehistoric land.

One of the most unique experiences in allof Alberta is the Icefields Parkway. Linking Lake Louise with Jasper, thisstretch of highway moves through the Continental Divide. Drive along 232kilometres and look out for hiking spots, or even have lunch amongst theglaciers.

If you want to enjoy the waters over thesummer, there are multiple options for every traveller type. For those seekinga relaxing float with epic views, there are many rivers in the Alberta RiverValleys. Thrill seekers will thrive on the Kananaskis River Rafting Adventure.Expert rafting guides will lead you down the river and take you on an excitingride. There are different levels of rafting based on your comfort level. If youwant to spend a few days by the lake with the family, head to Sylvan Lake, justa short drive outside of Edmonton. There are watercraft rentals to keep youentertained accompanied by beautiful views.

Back on land, the Ironhouse Trail is amust-see trail system in the summer. With over 300 kilometers to explore, itmakes for a great day trip idea. Ride through the trails on an ATV or evenhorseback. For a more laid back experience, you can also bike or hike.

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